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Still Go Free


Lock me up in a prison, and throw away the key.
Take away my vision, from these eyes that now can see.
Deprive me of the food I eat,
And even bind my hands and feet.
But as long as I have Jesus,
Then I can still go free.


And I can still go free.
What kind of man, would reach down His hand,
and do this for me?
Unworthy to live, and not fit to kill,
that a man on the cross, put me in His will,
and said that I could still go free.


Now I never could quite understand
why a King would want to leave His throne.
To dawn the robes of an earthly man,
feel the pain of flesh and bone.
And to later trod, trod a lowly path,
that led to Calvary.
Where the blood washed stains,
Broke all the chains,
So that I could still go free.


And said that I could still go free.

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