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Soul Fillin' Station


You can always find a steeple,
a few religious people,
where there's a preacher on the front step,
a shakin' everybody's hand.
A sign says by the Bible,
an old fashioned revival.
Well there's a million dead churches,
just a fillin' up an acre of land.


What we need is a soul fillin' station,
full service open twentry-four hours a day.
Pumping that high octane to super salvation,
We're a heart out of gas lookin' for that fast get away.


Now you can have the greatest choir.
Dress them all in long white robes attire,
or a wall full of trophies showing off that softball team.
But if the people ain't for prayin',
Well that's how manys stayin'.
Cause there ain't no one going up on no watered down gasoline.


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