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So Glad He Found Me


I was on the mountain,
wandering from the fountain,
when I heard my Savior calling me.
He said, Come to me relenting,
of your sins repenting,
and I will bring you out where you can see.


And I'm so glad He found me.
In love He bound me,
put His arms around me.
Then He led me to the shelter.
Now I'm one of His own.
And oh, the joy of knowing,
with my heart a glowing,
someday I'm going
to my home, my home in glory,
and walk the streets paved with gold.


I will love Him ever.
Stray from Him no never.
For He's the dearest friend I've ever known.
And when I see Him yonder,
my love will then grow fonder,
in that happy land beyond the blue.


I'm gonna walk the streets paved with gold.

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