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In My Robe Of White


First I'll hear the trumpet sound, all the saints will be heaven bound.
We will cross over Jordan wide, stop and view the other side.
There I'll see those Holy Hills, and my mansion he has built.
I'll be the first one in the line to see my name in the book of life.


In my robe of white I will fly away,
to that land so fair meet my Jesus there.
It will be so grand when I get to that land.
In my robe of white I will fly away.


It's going to be a wonderful time, when I get to the other side.
I'll see my loved one's gone before, we'll depart them never more.
We'll be walking on the streets of gold surrounded by riches untold.
When I first look upon His face, the one who saved me by His Amazing Grace.


In my robe of white I will fly away.

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