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I'm Not Giving Up


Well, I'm not giving up. No, I'm not turning 'round.
By the grace of God I'll win a shining crown
someday. Well I'll keep holding on to that
nail scarred hand. I'm not giving up
No I'll keep going on.


I've been walking thru this valley, thru this
weil of tears. At times I've even questioned
even if my Lord was near. Many times
that ole tempter, he says, why not turn
around, you can't get any further,
because you're just losing ground.



Now would you mind to tell me. There's
been something bothering me. Why is it
that old devil he just won't let God's
children be. You see he is purposed and
determined to get right in their way. And
turn us from the way of life and lead our
souls astray.

Repeat Chorus

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