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Look What The Lord Has Done


A lame man was sitting outside the gate begging
alms of those who entered in. Along came Peter
and John and looked upon him, the lame man
was expecting from them. They said, Silver
and gold have I none but such as I have, give
I unto thee. The Spirit hit the lame man, and
he lept to his feet crying, Look what He's done
for me.


Whoa! Look what the Lord has done. Look what
the Lord has done. He healed my body. He touched
my mind. He saved me and it was just in time.
I'm gonna praise His name. Each day He's just the
same. Come on and praise Him. Look what
the Lord has done.


I was bound by the chains of darkness and sin,
I had no hope, I had no peace of mind.
My sins were as scarlett, He washed me white
as snow. He opened up my blinded eyes.
Now my soul must rejoice since I made Him
my choice. I have more peace everything
I need. Now my name is written down in
That Lamb's book of life, can't you see
what He's done for me?


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