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When I Lay My Burdens Down


When I go to see St. Peter on that far and distant shore.
When I lay aside the thing that makes me sin. There'll be
someone there to greet me and to meet me at the door. Open
wide those pearly gates I'm comin' in.


To see that Sea Walker, that Blind Man Healer, that Leper
Cleansing Man From Galilee. I'll see that Soul-Saver, the
One who set me free. Take my hand, and follow me.


All my friends and my relations, they'll be waiting there I
know. My dear Ole Mother, she'll be waiting too. Well, I'm
getting ready brother, tell me how are things with you?
Open wide those pearly gates, I'm a comin' through.



When I look upon my Jesus, the one who set me free. When I
lay my burdens down a crown to win. I'll be shoutin' with
the Angels, join Heaven's Jubilee. Open wide those pearly
gates, I'm a comin' in.


I'll see that Soul-Saver, The One who set me free. Take my
hand and follow me.

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