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I Remember The Day


I was burdened down with sin.
No happiness I found within.
I never knew the meaning of joy down in my soul.
When at last I finally knelt,
contentment filled my soul like I'd never felt.
Heaven came down, there was glory all around,
when He save my soul.


I remember the day ...I remember the day.
When the Lord saved me ...when the Lord saved me.
All of Heaven came down ...all of Heaven came down.
I was happy and free ...I was happy and free.
Glory filled my soul ...glory filled my soul.
For I knew the Lord had made me whole.
I shall never forget the day,
When the Lord saved me.


Now in life a peacefulness,
deep within my heart abides.
Since the day that Jesus took my sins away.
And to Heaven I will go,
to spend the endless ages while they ever roll.
Praising His Name for the glorious day,
that He saved my soul.

REPEAT CHORUS twice, then:

I shall never forget the day,
when the Lord saved me.

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