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He Believes In Me


There's not a problem He doesn't know about. And
before He allows me to go in, He's already made
a way for me to come out. Now everything that
I go thru, the Lord knew would come. If you
give up now, His will can't be done. Whether up
on the mountain or somewhere below, you're gonna
come thru shining like gold.


And if He thought it was too much, He would've
never let me go thru this trial. And if He didn't think
I could make it, He would've stopped me long before
I walked this mile. But the thing that keeps me
going while the wind and rains are blowing, is
He approved it all before it came.
He believes in me and that's enough for me to make
it all the way.


Maybe you too have questioned the source of this
pain. And perhaps in all your frustration, you
let the enemy tell you, God is to blame.
But everything that you're feeling, there's a purpose
and plan. I can't afford to get discouraged. I just
place it in His hands.
The night is almost over, and the sun's about to
show. You're gonna come thru shining like gold.

Repeat Chorus

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