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Halleluiah Meeting


Oh what a celebration forgetting where we
been. Now were standing on the top of Zion.
Triumphant over sin. First the angels will
start singing and the joybells start ringing.
Then prepare ye all for heaven, when the
Saints go marching in.


Oh won't that be a halleluiah meeting when
we step on the other side. Where the Saints
of old standing there to greet us to welcome
us across the tide. We'll lift glad hands
together go shoutin' all thru the land.
And when ya think it's just about ending
It'll happen all over again.


Well I've been laughed at here for shoutin'
since many long years ago. I got more
than just religion since Jesus saved my
soul. I got a way down deep salvation,
like no mortal tongue can tell, and a
standing invitation to a halleluiah spell.

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