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Ain't Got Time For You Devil


One night while I was sleeping, I felt a presence in my room.
Looked down at the foot of my bed and there stood Mr. Gloom.
He tried to put his fear on me, but I know I heard him weep,
when I spoke the name of Jesus, then I went right back to sleep


Ain't got time for you devil, don't waste your time on me.
Ain't got time for you devil, cause Jesus lives in me.


Well the devil is like a lion, roaming to and fro.
Seeking whom he may devour, and trying to steal my soul.
But the Lion of Judah's in me, and I have nothing now to fear.
Satan you have lost control, so get on out of here.



Well the devil is a liar, and the truth he cannot tell.
So when he says he's got you, just send him back to hell.
Jesus whooped the devil, and He showed him who was boss.
Took the keys of death, hell and the grave, and said Look what you've lost.
Well the devil's not too smart you know, showing up at every turn.
I just smile and go on by, seems the devil never learns.


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